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Aimee Eccles

Property Manager - Team 4

Aimee joined our office in December 2016 as a Property Manager Assistant with Tess Vella at the helm, and she held this role honing her administrative and interpersonal property management skills until early 2020.

A minor diversion in career ensued when Aimee took a role with a local air conditioning company, although Aimee retained ties with our office through supervising the maintenance of many of our investment properties.

Aimee rejoined our office in November 2021, this time in a unique role reversal as the Property Manager with Tess (who works remotely for our office from Bundaberg) as the Property Manager Assistant.

It's an unusual twist of fate that these ladies find themselves together again in Team 4, however the strong bonds that they have formed previously and their cohesive style of management will continue to bring strong results and pay dividends for our tenant and landlord customers alike.