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Charlisse White

Concierge Team

Young, keen and energetic, Charli commenced her real estate career with Ray White Gladstone in early 2022.

Charli and her partner took a leap of faith and moved from a small country town along the Murray River, called Corowa, which is around three hours inland from Melbourne.

Corowa has a population of 5,482 (update – it’s now 5,480) and they were both ready to step out into the world and explore something new, something exciting.

Whilst approaching our office for a new place to live in Gladstone, we recognised that Charli had exceptional interpersonal qualities, and to cut a long story short we appointed her to a position in our Concierge Team.

Charli formerly worked for the local authority in Corowa, often at front reception, in a team of 100.    We thought she would be perfect for a similar role at our office, in a team of 30, and she is.

Our customers are greeted by Charli at our front reception in a role we call the “Manager of First Impressions”, where she meets and greets hundreds of customers every week, whether in person or by phone.

Charli also works intuitively within our Concierge Team processing tenancy applications and assisting new tenants through the onboarding process, and navigating customers through to our talented team.

We are very fortunate to have Charli on board, from the humility of a small country town to the “big smoke” of Gladstone, she is certainly destined for an absorbing career in real estate.